I get really angry when I think that everyone, from the directors of  the big publishing conglomerates, the editors and the agents right down to the sales people in the bookshops all depend on the writers for their livelihood and yet they treat us with disdain, contempt even. Many do not even bother to acknowledge receipt of the synopsis and first three chapters.I visited one publishing house and was shocked to see that there were shelves packed from floor to ceiling- full of manuscripts still in their envelopes that hadn’t even been opened! The so called slush pile!!  People had spent years putting a book /novel out there and this is what happens.It’s no wonder that writers are turning more and more to self publishing and Kindle and Amazon etc..I’ve had four books published now but it sure doesn’t get any easier and I could have papered a wall with rejection slips –  and I still get them.It’s a ruthless business and we must all have a disease or something to carry on writing. An affliction in which there is much to be endured and very little enjoyed- apart from the writing that is! We are at the mercy of words!


All God’s Children Trailer


I’m feeling very chuffed today. My publishers of the above novel have put a You Tube trailer on

The story, which is is based on fact, is about a gang of drug addicted kids and a teacher who finds himself sucked into their nightmare world of drug addiction, child prostitution, paedophilia and murder. To survive, he has to become as merciless as the drug cartel’s ruthless pushers and hitmen.The “You Tube” film is very very graphic. Check it out and let me know what you think of it. (good or bad). The blurb, although shocking, says that this is a book that all parents and teenagers should read.

We all know that drugs are tyhe most alluring and dangerous substances on planet earth, yet most parents are unaware until it is too late that their children are smoking, sniffing, eating ,drinking or injecting drugs. Virtually every adolescent knows someone who has taken drugs, is taking them,or intends to take them. All kinds of drugs and opiates like heroin, morphine, pethedine, crack cocaine, methadone, suboxine and many derivatives such as sugars,tic and even whoonga which is a mixture of ARV tablets and Marihuana, are easily available anywhere and anytime  and there is no community or school that does not have its own drug scene. The hard core users among them generate vast funds through prostitution, theft  and robbery and other crimes. Drug addiction will continue to wreck homes and people’s lives until such times as a drug can be found that will painlessly block the receptor neurons that produce huge amounts of serotonin and dopamine in the brains of addicts. A frightening scenario, n’est-ce pas?

Hello world! From the scribbler on the rocks.


Hi everybody! I am a published author but I am not very computer literate and this is the first time I have ever done a blog though I do have a website under My real name is Gerry Murphy or to be really formal, Dr John Gerard Murphy. Sean Regan  is actually the pseudonym that I used when I was an international professional wrestler because I wanted to protect my identity as  an academic – a pedagogue. I also use the name Regan on my website at and I am also on Facebook.The above photo was me in my heyday when I wrestled in Vancouver Canada for the heavyweight championship of the world. There are many other photos on my website. When it came out that I was a member of the grunt and groan brigade a published novelist and the headmaster of a large secondary school there was consternation in all the countries in which I wrestled. No one could understand how a person with several university degrees and a doctorate in education could have a Jekyll and Hyde life and still travel all the world as a vicious brawler. The press generally had a field day with headlines like “Brainy Spud bashes his image!” and “Schoolmaster leads double life” etc. People, mainly parents, were horrified, intrigued, curious, rude, incensed. Over the next few months I will be posting excerpts from the original bibliography of my roller coaster life. But I hasten to add that it is not just about wrestling or teaching. The book has been described  as follows by none other than Gloria Keverne, author of the famous novel “A man cannot Cry” as follows:  “IN THE OF THE FATHER. AND OF THE SON IS a moving testament to the courage and resilience of the human spirit against overwhelming odds. It is also a damning indictment of religion practiced in the letter and not the spirit.  Sadly, Gerard Murphy’s tragic childhood is not an isolated aberration in the world today. Besides food and shelter we all need love and role models;when these are not present in the home, answers must come from outside. Yet sometimes the priests, so long looked up to as man’s link to God, seem the very antithesis of all Christ stood for.But all is not lost. Through the shattered psyche of this indomitable Irish son – beginning when he was a small boy, bewildered and unloved, in a hostile and war torn world  we are shown that all we ever need to succeed is already within us. With self belief inspired through music, and his anger exorcised by sport, the tortured youth,. fired with a burning determination to achieve what his father taunted he was incapable of, finally gathers strength enough to burst through the hopeless rubble of dead dogma and broken dreams, enabling him to rise up and begin living a victorious life of great accomplishment and worth. Through the powerful pen and gutsy spirit of this brave survivor, we live the extraordinary sufferings and successes of first the broken boy, then the rebellious man. Hopefully this compelling book – brutally honest, evocative and earthy- will inspire many to silence their own demons and do the same. ”

Till next week. Sean Regan